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3 for the UNITED KINGDOM’s most costly lunch Dates

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If cash was no item, might you bring your companion on some of these huge pricey supper times? In Case You Are a Fois Gras, Pigeon or Seafood enthusiast, these restaurants include major component for all the 3 quite expensive meal dates in the UK…

Food Date 1: Restaurant Gordon Ramsey

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Keeping three Michelin-stars, Gordon Ramsay's leading cafe supplies elegant modern French cuisine with the best seasonal ingredients and using both traditional and contemporary practices.

Choosing from the status Menu at Restaurant Gordon Ramsey, such as Fois Gras and Pigeon, will set you back just £145 a head. Seems sensible when you are getting supported one thing because breathtaking only at that…

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Dinner Date 2: The Waterside Inn

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a renowned title, a cafe or restaurant with a unique heritage… and all sorts of in a sublime environment. For longer than forty years, diners are flocking with the picturesque community of Bray merely to go to the Waterside Inn. Now, according to the management of chef-patron Alain Roux, no other Brit restaurant can state they have used three Michelin stars for a long time.

Whenever cash is no item, the reason why eat and the like, when you're able to hire your very own area, and trial the stunning delights of Waterside Inn for just over £150 per individual (not including beverages or solution fee)?

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Lunch Date 3: Le Gavroche

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Le Gavroche was actually the initial UNITED KINGDOM restaurant is granted one, two and three Michelin performers. The cook de cuisine is actually Michel Roux Jr, which overran the reins from his parent, Albert in 1991. That Le Gavroche consistently retain the greatest of reputations amongst both diners and experts is actually testament toward superiority on the meals being made by Michel.

A great food at Le Gavroche costs around £90 per mind, as well as your alternatives can sometimes include Coquilles St. Jacques and Millefeuille aux Framboises. Yum!

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